Welcome to Path Magazine

Welcome to Path Magazine. We are a new, alternative travel magazine that has been created with the main purpose of helping people to discover the world.

Path Magazine has been crafted in a way that supplements the decreased attention spans of today’s generations, which has followed with the increase in ease of access to smart phones and social media. We take existing content and re-design it in a way that is less time consuming for the reader, as well as still providing you with interesting and educational information about the beauty that can be found all over the Earth.

The intent behind this is to create an experience that is appealing to fans of both physical and digital magazines, further bridging the gap between the two worlds and encouraging more people to interact with digital magazines. We ultimately want to provide a magazine on a digital platform in which readers can enjoy from their desktops, laptops and tablets. By making it accessible on multiple platforms we feel that it allows our audience to read an issue at their own pace, in a way they feel most comfortable.

The intent is not to try and sell locations as if they were holiday destinations, but to provide an entertaining experience for those who wish to learn more about different areas of the world.

Every story doesn’t necessarily mean an article, it could take on different forms; poetry, essays, anecdotes, photo stories. The aim is to try and tell a story.

We look forward to sharing our journey with you.


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